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Land Management

Farmyard Manure Management

The estate soil structure is primarily free draining lime-rich soils over limestone which appeals to the extensive grassland and woodlands on the estate. There are pockets of slowly permeable seasonally wet slightly acid but base-rich loamy soils within the vicinity of the Colne river which flows through the estate.

All our housed animal manure, some of it being mechanically shredded, is stored on the estate to allow sufficient time for it to break down into humus before being spread back on the land to aid the soil and its organisms. Thus the fertility of the grassland is enhanced slowly, naturally and organically.

Hedging, Fencing, Stone Walls

All the agricultural land is permanent pasture that is managed under organic rules within the Environmentally
Sensitive Area scheme, run by Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. This scheme has enabled the estate to undertake a multitude of projects including fencing, hedge laying, new hedge planting, stone wall restoration and the restoration of the old agricultural buildings.

The interconnection between hedges on the estate have created wildlife corridors for mammals and birds to forage with diverse grass and plant structures.